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Research & development

Our commitment to Research and Development (R&D) provides innovation that drives the company forward.

ATSA invests in R&D, particularly ocean engineering and associated technologies, to ensure we are known as an essential contributor to Australia's ocean engineering capability, especially in the field of underwater vehicles and systems.

Our rationale is that the worlds' oceans remain largely unexplored: 71% of the surface of the globe is water, 80% of all life is found beneath the surface and almost a third of all oil comes from offshore fields. Underwater technology creates the tools to manage and utilize ocean resources.

We sponsor PhD students at the ANU and the University of Newcastle. We support 4th year engineering students at the University of Newcastle who have completed the following projects: Seafox Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV).

Subsequently, we employ graduates from the University of Newcastle embarking on exciting research and development. We aim to leverage partnerships with industry, government research organisations, and universities, to deliver the best solution technology can offer, and the expertise to take that solution from theoretical to practical.

The Booz Allen Hamilton Global Innovation 1000 Report shows that the top 1,000 corporate R&D spenders invest 4.2% of their revenue on R&D. This average has been relatively stable over the last five years studied. ATSA aims to meet or exceed this average and our investment for past years is shown in the table below.

Year Investment as a percentage of revenue
2013 7.98%
2012 9.64%
2011 3.46%
2010 10.53%
2009 13.50%
2008 14.80%
2007 7.75%
2006 7.00%


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