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ATSA's key area of expertise is providing technical support for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) and other technologies that are operated by demanding customers in harsh environments. Our world class service capability ensures that these systems meet their full operational capability at all times.

Double Eagle: The Royal Australian Navy operates the largest fleet of Double Eagle Mine Disposal Vehicles in the world today. Fourteen Mk 2 vehicles are operated from six Huon Class Minehunter Coastal ships. ATSA provides planned maintenance, corrective maintenance, spares and technical training for the Double Eagle System to the RAN. The Double Eagle is one of the most sophisticated ROVs in the world today, boasting the ability to withstand extreme operational conditions while maintaining optimum performance.


Saab Seaeye Ltd: Saab Seaeye is the world leader in electric powered ROVs. Models are available for operating in depths of 300m to 1500m. All Seaeye ROVs use brushless DC motors to provide exceptional power, allowing bigger payloads and additional packages to be integrated to the ROV. Additional sensors can be interfaced such as extra cameras, CP probes, Sonar systems, acoustic tracking systems, manipulators, survey and inspection/NDT suites.

Seaeye ROVs are used extensively in Australia and are supported by ATSA with the backing of factory trained technicians.

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Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Friendly Navigation Lights: ATSA has teamed with Unilux Geomar of Spain to offer NVG Friendly Navigation Lighting. Unilux Geomar has a deep knowledge and experience in the professional manufacture of marine instruments for over half a century. Their existing range of navigation lights is adapted by means of a specialised filter to meet the requirements of STANAG 1445 Stage 2 for GEN III Night Vision Goggles. Independent testing has resulted in certified compliance of this solution. The use of a filter to achieve compliance provides the benefit that standard lamps can be used in the light assemblies thus providing in ideal solution for retrofit or upgrade to existing systems. Together with the Geomar CIC 398-PC Navigation Lights Control Panel a complete system for control and management of navigation and upper deck lighting can be provided.

Geomar Navigation Lights Control Panel

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General Announcing and Entertainment System: ATSA has teamed with Compañia de Instrumentación y Control, SL (CIC) of Spain to offer General Announcing and Entertainment systems. CIC has supplied many systems for internal and external communications in warships and commercial ships including the Navantia F100 frigates and the BPE (Buque de Proyección Estratégica - Ship of Strategic Projection). The scope of supply by CIC has included implementation of 1MC (General Announcing), 6MC (Intership), 5MC (Flight Deck Announcing) and 75 MC (Decontamination Stations Intercommunication) together with Entertainment Systems.

TMk9 Mod Explosive Cutter: Mechanical minesweeping is still recognised as the most efficient method to counter moored mines. The TMk9 Mod Explosive Cutter is the successor to the renowned explosive minesweeping cutter TMk9 (bulk charge). The TMk9 Mod is amongst the highest selling cutters in the world and is in use in more than nine navies. ATSA supports this cutter for the Royal Australian Navy and other customers.


Driven by internal innovation and customer demand, we are constantly developing upgrades and modifications for ATSA supported systems. Our research and development activities result in new products too.

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