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Visit 'Australian Business Limited' onlineAustralian Business Limited

As a member, we gain access to the best defence business intelligence providing a unique source of information on business opportunities, networking activities, policy and member success stories.

Visit 'Australian Industry & Defence Network' onlineAustralian Industry & Defence Network

AIDN functions through a National Secretariat and facilitates effective and efficient communications between State bodies and Federal Government Departments, in particular the Department of Defence and the Department of Industry, Science and Resources.

Australian Institute of Project Management

Visit 'Australian Institute of Project Management' onlineThe Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) is the peak body for project management in Australia. AIPM’s role is to improve the knowledge, skills and competence of project team members, project managers and project directors, all of whom play a key role in the achievement of business objectives, not just project objectives.

Letter of Recognised Supply

The Letter of Recognised Supply (LoRS) program is designed to help sustain Australian Defence industry capability by acknowledging the successful supply by an Australian Company to the Australian Defence Organisation.

To receive the Letter of Recognised Supply a company needs to meet the standards of supply demanded by the Australian Defence Organisation. Products and services need to be supplied on time, on budget and to specification. In November 2011, ATSA's contribution to the Australian Defence Organisation was recognised – view our LoRS.


Visit 'HunterNet' onlineHunterNet is a cooperative of innovative manufacturers, engineers, IT providers, electrical and consulting companies in the Hunter Valley. Involvement with HunterNet strengthens each member company through unparalleled networking opportunities and key developmental opportunities. These include: acquiring and sharing new skills and expertise, gaining access to new capabilities, capitalising on economies of scale in production, marketing and research & design.

Rapid Prototype Development and Evaluation

Visit 'RPDE' onlineDefence and Industry working together. The Rapid Prototyping, Development and Evaluation (RPDE) Program is a collaborative venture between the Australian Department of Defence and industry.

RPDE seeks to improve ADF warfighting capability by delivering evidenced recommendations encompassing the fundamental inputs to capability (FIC) – collective training, support, facilities, organisation, personnel, command and management, major systems and supplies, for implementation in the short term.

SC21 – Supplier Continuous Improvement Program

Visit 'ADS 21st Century Supply Chains' onlineSC21 is a global benchmark of supply chain excellence derived from the UK 21st Century Supply Chain program. In Australia, SC21 is licensed as the Supplier Continuous Improvement Program (SCIP). The SCIP initiative is delivered through the Defence Industry Innovation Centre (DIIC), under the Department of Industry and funded by the Defence Material Office (DMO).

SCIP is a multi-year change program designed to increase small and medium enterprise productivity within selected sectors by developing and improving their supply chain performance and relationships, ensuring they remain competitive and capable to deliver increased value over a three-cycle engagement.

ATSA has been a member of SCIP since March 2011 and has shown demonstrable improvement in Manufacturing Excellence and Business Excellence. The Cycle 2 SCIP assessment saw ATSA increase both its BusEx and ManEx scores to consolidate its position in the ‘Performer’ category for both diagnostics. This is a significant achievement and reflects a sustained effort at the Newcastle site to embed continuous improvement principles in the firm’s culture. LEAN continuous improvement has been applied in both the office and workshop areas and processes. The ATSA management team has continuously committed resource investment over to establish a solid foundation to sustain business and manufacturing excellence.

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