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ATSA Supports EET Endurance Testing Centre

22 October 2013

Elemental Energy Technologies Limited (EET) is the developer of a range of turbines for generating cost-effective predictable renewable energy from the movement of water in tides, rivers and ocean streams.

In May 2013 ATSA supported EET in the establishment of the Endurance Testing Centre at the Eraring Power Station located at Lake Macquarie, NSW. The Testing Centre was constructed in the inlet canal that provides cooling water to the power station. The variable flow rate in the canal (depending on electricity demand) was ideal for testing the SeaUrchin™ SU550 turbine under a range of conditions and for generating valuable data on the long term endurance of the turbine designs.

ATSA provided overall project management for the scope of work which included construction of a specially designed test frame, installation at Eraring and set-to-work of the turbine and balance of system. ATSA engineers designed and implemented the data monitoring system which included measurement of water flow rate (using a Teledyne RDI Channel Master ADCP) and monitoring of turbine rotational speed, generated voltage, current, power and other data. Becoming a part of the “Internet of Things”, the SeaUrchin™ data was webcast using ThingsSpeak in real time.

EET Managing Director, Douglas Hunt, said that ATSA had been an ideal partner for the Endurance Testing Centre project, “ATSA brought a professional and flexible approach to the development project”, said Doug, “Their experience in subsea engineering was very valuable in rapidly developing a system that worked first time in the current flows in the inlet channel”. EET continues with testing at the Endurance Testing Centre and is developing new types of turbines based on lessons learned and data from the test program.

The SeaUrchin™ SU550 turbine being lowered into the channel.

ATSA engineers, Josh Berry and Jose Mare, inspect the data monitoring system.

Screen shot of ThingsSpeak website channel.

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